5 best features of Yamaha R15 V3


This naked sporty aggressive-looking 155cc bike is very popular in Nepal. Since no other variants have reached the power output in like R15 V3. In comparison to other versions, this version of the most powerful series of lightweight supersport. This newer version of R15 has offers many other features like an LED headlamp, slipper clutch, VVA, fully digital instrument cluster, frame sliders, set footpegs, sticker Metzeler tyres which can give better prospect and better performance. This bike is targeted to those who are looking for entry-level fully-faired performance. This 142 kg bike has a ground clearance of 170mm. Currently, the price of Yamaha R14 V3 is Rs. 4,20,000.

1) Performance 

This bike is one most famous bikes because of its engine and performance. This 155.1cc bike offers Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, Fi, Single Cylinder, VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) engine which gives maximum power and torque they are 19.3 HP @ 10,000 rpm and 19.3 HP @ 10,000 rpm respectively. the top speed of V3 is 136 kmph while it covers 0.100kph on 10.5 sec. It is of the quickest to reach 100kmph above 155cc. The engine is a connected 6-speed gearbox. Because of the fuel injection systems, the power delivery is quick and the bike produces enough torque across the powerband because of the VVA technology. The delta box frame supports both the road and the track in optimal handling.

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2) Styling 

This naked sportbike offers aggressive and stylish, inspired looks and classy looking design. This bike offers Sharper hostile face, compact tank, aerodynamic side, Edgy tail where most of the looks are borrow from its siblings still it doesn’t fail to impress the rider. This third-generation bike comes with twin LED headlights which are sleek. In comparison to its predecessor, the LED headlight has a unique angular look and conveys a rugged face to the motorcycle, complimenting the musclebound fuel tank.

3) Valve valves Actuation

VVA technology is attached on this bike so that it can selects intake lobes for low as well as high-speed range as well as this system delivers torque even low rpm on high VVA performance system which makes it easy to use. This bike offers two intake valve cams one for low to mid-rpm and another for high rpm. At the 7,400 rpm mark, they turn to each other to ensure good power and torque throughout the whole rev range. This helps to maintain fun riding conditions in both low and high rpm ranges. 

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4) Instrument console

The instrument console of this bike comes with better features than its rivals or siblings. This v3 comes features like this mileage, how fuel is used, gear shift indicator, horizontally visible digital tachometer, top speed and VVA indicator which show in the wide display where the system looks great and derives flawlessly from race-spec options. Because of the large and wide display, it’s easy to read these features where digital fuel indicator lies on the right side. 

5) Wide tyres, assist and slipper clutch and Dual channel abs

these are the best features of R15 V3. This bike used better tyres than its siblings where the size of the front and rear is 100/80-17 and 140/70-17 respectively which delivers much more power to rear wheel and absorb bumps in a superior way. These tyres provide stability while driving. Assist and the slipper is adopted to decrease clutch pull weight and to deliver low stress during deceleration. It also protects unnecessary braking of the engine, decreasing its impact on the actions of the chassis. This helps the rider to enjoy a lighter clutch. This bikes with dual-channel abs which means superior control with superior performance as well as which signifies specific braking with no wheel lock-ups even when speed is increasing. This makes sure an exciting journey with confidence and allows the rider to fully enjoy the journey.