5 things to look to if you think your android phone is hacked

With the increase in technology and the software, the increase in hacking, or let’s say malicious works also increases. Has your android phone been hacked ever? If no, you must have been lucky and very careful.

But, what if your smartphone is hacked? How to find out about it? What things to look for? Here. we’ll discuss mainly 5 things that you can look into if you ever think your android smartphone has been compromised.

First, let’s have a short insight into hacking.

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What is hacking?

Any process by which the presence of malicious/dangerous applications, malware, spyware, or programs is given access into system is hacking. It is done through various techniques which include cracking of passwords and codes to gain permanent or temporary access to the system. It is very difficult to hack into a properly secured system.  Although there have been multiple memes about hacking NASA systems through HTML. (funny emoji)

Nasa hack 😀

Hacking in Android smartphones

Due to the rise in the use of android smartphones, many software is developing and will continue to develop. There are over 3 billion people currently using smartphones worldwide (according to Statista) and are expected to grow even more in the next few years.

With this increase, dependency on smartphones increases. The more increase in usage of smartphones, the more data are being stored on smartphones. So, these are perfect for hackers or cybercriminals to attack. Also, to mention, there are various techniques for hacking into mobile but, I won’t be talking about them. (at least on this article)

Even if you were careful or by any chance, hackers get hold of your android smartphones, your phone gives signals telling that the phone has been hacked. (one of the perks of a SMART phone)

These signs could be your data saving tips for you. So, keep your cool, and let’s read about them in this article.

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5 signs your android phone shows if hacked/compromised

1. Battery life

The first sign to look into is the battery life of your android. I know, many factors hamper battery life. But, the thing here is that with the normal usage or daily usage too, the battery life decreases at a much higher rate. This is so because there might be apps that are running on background even though they do not need to be. These apps silently leech out battery life by consuming internet data.

Suggestion: The simple way is to review the background apps on your android phone. You can go to settings and check the apps and also remove the apps that are unwanted and you think are causing the damage.

2. Excessive app permission

With the regular android update, security also increases. But, no matter how much the safety increase, some apps required more permissions that usual. Some malicious apps ask android permission which is not quite required for them to perform.  Like, what would you expect from a calculator app from third party sites, where it asks for permission for messages, call history, and contacts. You got what I mean.

Suggestion: If you can, you should decline the permission for those apps. However, if the app is very much of a necessity for you, decline the unwanted permissions only. That will help to gain access to the only data from your android which are required by the app to perform its tasks.

3. Increase in internet data usage

Apps that are malicious for your android phones, must need a continuous report to the developer containing your data. To do so, the app must use internet data. Those apps need to further download other data too. So, while doing so your internet data usage increases.

Suggestion: Look into the internet data usage of different apps in the settings of your device. And, review the apps, and remove them if you do not want them.

4. Constant app crash

Many apps crash due to certain updates or bugs. But, if an app constantly crashes even though there’s nothing wrong with them, they probably contain a virus on them. These happen mostly on the apps that are downloaded from sites that are not secured.

Suggestion: Do not download and install apps from non-secured websites.

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5. Suspicious texts

The texts appear to be different if it not supported by the device. It might be seen as one of your research pdfs that you could not open as it was not supported. But, although the app is supported by your android device, if it shows texts as it is not supported, there’s a high chance your device has been compromised. The various links that your friends send you to click for certain things might be the cause for them.

Suggestion: Do not click those links that are suspicious even though it is from your family or friends.

In addition to the above mentioned 5 signs to look if your android is hacked, the sudden rise of pop-ups and ads on your device increases, and password does not work too. If you think you are careful enough to not get your android device hacked, be extra sure by looking into the above signs. 

To be extra safe from the hackers:

  1. Do not download apps from non-secured third party sites
  2. Download antivirus if you do not constantly update your device even if there is an update.
  3. Do not click suspicious links.
  4. Do not respond to emails or messages that are not trustworthy.
  5. Do not give out your email address publicly on different media.

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