Speed Your Phone By Using This Simple Trick: Background Process Limit

Android Phones like Redmi Note 10 Pro generally takes lot of unnecessary resources even if your phone is in idle. This leads to more consumption of everything, the battery, network data, and even your stress. So, is there a way to limit those background consumption? YES.

Here is:

How you can speed your phone by limiting the background process

Enable Developer Option

To limit the background process, you should first check if the developer option is enabled or not? Enabling developer option gives us more flexibility in using our smartphones. Don’t know how to do it? Here’s how you can enable the developer option in your smartphone?

  1. Go to settings on your smartphone
  2. Tap on About phone
  3. Tap Build Number at least 7 times consistently
    This way your smartphone has enabled the developer option.

Open Settings

After enabling the developer option, again open the settings.

Go To Developer Option

Tap on the developer option. The developer option as mentioned above gives us more flexibility to use the smartphone. Under the Apps section within the developer option, you should be able to see the Background Process Limit option.

Choose Background Limit Option

Choose the recommended or your choice of background limiting option on your smartphone. Hit OK and restart your phone to complete the setup.

Note: These settings may vary according to your smartphone company. But, you can easily search the build number or the developer option in the settings search bar to easily navigate to your desired option.

FAQs About Background Process Limit

Should I change background limit?

Yes, if you need to. Today’s smartphones run unnecessary apps in the background that take resources. Hence, limiting those resources is beneficial to speed up your smartphone.

How do I set background limit on a process?

  1. Enable developer option in your smartphone
  2. Open settings
  3. Visit developer options
  4. Choose background process limit.
  5. Set the limit option.

How do I limit background process in iOS?

In iOS Background App Refresh option is available. Background App Refresh option allows apps to update when running in the background. We can disable in order to speed up the phone.

Steps to disable iOS Background App Refresh option :

  1. Open your smartphone and then go to settings
  2. Scroll to the Background App Refresh option
  3. After that disable it

Also, this option is available for individual app.

Here’s a YouTube video for you to easily navigate the developer option to limit the background process limit on Android:

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