Download Zedge Premium – Listed on everyone’s top 5 best free wallpaper apps for Android

To be straight, there are many apps that claim to have the best free high-quality wallpapers for android. But, not many are in people’s favourite lists. Among the favourite ones, Zedge Premium is in everyone’s top 5 best free wallpaper apps for android. And why not it be? It packs so many features that other apps do not have. 

You can get the Zedge premium apk for free from below. But, keep reading for the trick to install it.

Before going to know the awesome features of Zedge premium, let’s know about the app first. Shall we?

About the Zedge Wallpaper app:

Zedge is the mobile content platform where the users can share their awesome photos on their server, Zedge server. After the upload of the photos, anyone can download their photograph which interests them. What was awesome is that you did not have to pay for any download. It was absolutely free. 

Now, Zedge premium has created a whole new powerful way by which any artist or creator can showcase his or her work. They can eventually promote themselves and earn money while doing so. 

Fact: There are around 33 million monthly Zedge app active users and the app has been installed more than 288 million.

While it is greatly beneficial to artists, the Zedge premium membership becomes a pain in the pocket for those who cannot spend money. The free version of Zedge, however, gives them the chance to use the app but the features are limited. 

Key Features of Zedge Premium app:

  • Personalization – You can easily personalize your device with amazing high-quality wallpapers.

  • Option to change your wallpaper automatically – You can enable the option to make the Zedge app change the wallpapers automatically. (Wallpapers are selected from downloads of your device)

  • Discovery – Let your artistry out and get discovered by millions of people.

  • Ad-free – Yes, the premium version of the Zedge app is ad-free so you can browse without frustration.

  • High-Quality Audio – You can also easily download millions of ringtones, notification sounds and alarms to personalize your device.

  • Game suggestions – You can also receive personalized game suggestions which are based on the apps you already used and loved.

  • Save – You can save all your favourites wallpapers, ringtones or notification sounds without downloading and access them through all your devices with one simple login.

  • Premium Store – A new section for professional creators to offer their work and promote themselves and get a chance to earn from it.

How to download Zedge Premium apk and Install it:

I guess you have already downloaded the Zedge Premium apk from the link above mentioned. But, in case you have not, here’s a link as well.

Btw, did you know you can download any file faster if you have Internet Download Manager installed on your pc or laptop? If you wish to download any file faster then, be sure to install Internet Download Manager.

After the Zedge Premium file is downloaded, you have to install it. The Zedge Premium apk is a third-party app and you must tweak a setting on your android device. The tweak is easy. You must turn on the ‘Unknown sources’ option on your android device in order to install any third-party app.

unknown sources

(The third-party app means the app which is not downloaded from the recommended app store, in case of android, PlayStore)

In order to turn on the Unknown sources option, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Note: The common location for Unknown sources option is mentioned above. But, it might be different from different company’s Android smartphones.

After successful installation, enjoy Zedge app paid features for free. And, if you like the article do share it with your friends and let them enjoy too.

So, as a bonus, we are including other wallpaper apps for Android other than Zedge Premium.

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Zedge Premium - Listed on Top 5 Best Free Wallpaper Apps For Android
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Zedge Premium - Listed on Top 5 Best Free Wallpaper Apps For Android
What features can you get from the Zedge Premium option of Zedge? Find out in this article and get the Zedge Premium for free.
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