How To Check the SEE (SLC) Result 2080 (2023)

Straightly, in this article, you are going to get the steps and methods by which you can easily check the SEE (SLC) result 2080 (2023). 

Once the result is published, you can easily check the SEE Result from the below-given form by Edusanjal. Good luck for the SEE Appearing students.

You can check your grade sheet from Nepal Telecom Site.

Overview of SEE (SLC):

School Leaving Certificate (SLC) now known as SEE is an important phase of Nepali school life. It is ‘The Iron Gate’ in the life of Nepali students. The SLC or SEE is the final examination given at grade 10 by Nepali students.

Every Nepali student should take this examination in order to complete the Secondary level of education and go to a Higher level. The examination takes place around April, May and June month of every year. 

Difference in SLC and SEE:

The difference in SLC and SEE is not only in the name but its difference in regarding other factors too. Previously, the SLC examination was under Government of Nepal (GON) whereas now SEE examination is under SEE Nepal Board. 

There was the percentage system while giving marks to students which clearly defined the Pass or Fail in the SLC. But, now the government has made the SEE of grading format which does not give exact information and creates confusion. 

However, the Government is expecting the literacy rate to go further high than now which is 65.7% as of 2015 (not updated).

How to check the SEE (SLC) Result:

You can check the result of SEE or SLC through two methods. Either you can check it through by SMS or by the website. Whichever method you seem to like is okay. There are different codes to send to different numbers. According to the sim card service provider, your SMS and codes are different.

For Checking the Result of SEE (SLC) with SMS:

You can conveniently access your SEE 2080 result through Sparrow SMS, which has been granted authorization to publish the results. To effortlessly view your SEE exam result using Sparrow SMS, all you need to do is type your SEE symbol number, leaving a space, and send the SMS to 35001. For example, send a message like “SEE 0215445K” to 35001.

For Checking the Result SEE (SLC) with websites:

  1. Ministry of Education

  2. Department of Education

  3. Examination Control Board

  4. National Examination Board

  5. Examination Control Board, Grade 10

  6. Online Khabar

  7. Edusanjal

  8. Mero  Study

  9. Nepal Telecom

  10. Ncell Pvt. Ltd

  11. Ekantipur

Some of the sites have low-cost servers with which the site loading speed is slow. Also, if many try to access the site then, the site hangs. So, I suggest you have patience. And, Good luck to all the students who are waiting for SLC or SEE results.

Don’t stress about SEE RESULT. If you want, you can check out this video for entertainment.

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