Identify songs in YouTube videos with these simple steps

You check out a video randomly from Youtube. You’re watching the video and suddenly you realise that the background music of the song is very good. You also want to use that background music in your video or just want to listen to it. But, the problem is, you don’t know what that song is. Now, what can you do to detect music from the video? Here are the tips to identify songs in Youtube videos.

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To identify songs in Youtube videos, first of all, check the description of the video. While some genuine youtubers put the music link in the description some might not. You can simply click on ‘Show more’ on the video description to check the song’s link. If you find the song’s link it’s good if not, there’s another tip for you.

Note: If the song’s link is not put under the description of the video, there is a high chance that the song owner can claim the copyright for that particular song. In this case, the video can be taken down as well.


The second tip you can try to identify songs in Youtube videos is to check the comment section. Most of the time, generous people write down the name of the song in the comment section. Not only you but many wish to know the song on Youtube video. So, before you, others that know the song could write down the name. These kinds of people are my favourite. They not only think about them but also about others.

But, what if there is no comment that shares any knowledge about the song in the comments. What can you do next? You can do the third tip of this article.


If you do not get the song’s name in the comment section of the Youtube video, you can raise the question yourself. The problem in this tip is that it is unsure when your question will be answered. It can be answered right away, or take a few days or even months. It’s all about waiting to get your question answered.

If none of the above tips is helpful for you, PANIC DON’T PANIC. I have more tips inside my sleeves.


When you listen to music or song on Youtube video, you can get some lyrics of the song. So, what can you do with that lyrics of the song? You can type in some portion of the lyrics into the search bar of the browser and hit enter. By searching this way, Google or other search engines can bring out the relevant results for your query, in this case, the song itself. Most of the times, the tiles can be similar but different songs so better check the whole lyrics or listen to the music whole to detect music from Youtube video.

Google can bring different results which at times can confuse you more. So,  you can visit sites like, and for more accurate results in this matter. This can help you to Identify song online.

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Typing lyrics every time to identify song online can be very frustrating. You can type in lyrics of one or two songs but what about more? If you want to know more songs, it can be really tiresome. In this case, you can use different extensions on your chrome browser. The most used extension to identify songs in youtube videos is ‘AHA MUSIC’. AHA MUSIC is an extension by which you can easily identify song online. It is easy to use as well.

How to use AHA MUSIC extension:

  • Open your chrome browser
  • Click on the hamburger button on the top right part of your browser just below the ‘Close’ button
  • Go to More Tools and click on Extensions
  • Click on the hamburger button again but this time click the one on the left located beside of the ‘Extension’
  • Click on the Open Chrome Web Store
  • Search for the extension ‘AHA MUSIC’ in the search box
  • Click on add to chrome
  • After adding you can see the icon of AHA MUSIC on your chrome browser
  • Now, play the song in youtube and while playing click on the icon the AHA MUSIC
  • You can see the name of the song in the video

Note: There are other extensions as well but, I won’t talk about them in this article. AHA MUSIC is used more to identify song online by extension.


Just like the extension, you can also use a music identification app on your phone. One of the best music identification apps which help to identify songs in youtube videos is ‘SHAZAM’. This application is accessible by both Android and iOS. Due to the easiness in use, it is used mostly by the users. Here are the steps to take to use ‘SHAZAM’:

For Android Users:

  • Go to Playstore
  • Search for ‘SHAZAM’
  • Click Install
  • After installation, open the app
  • Follow the instructions
  • Play the music or song on Youtube on desktop
  • While playing, tap on the Shazam button
  • After a while, you got your song

For iOS Users:

Same steps as Android users for iOS as well. But, be sure to download the app from the apple store.

In case you want to use the Shazam app while playing the song on your phone, you have to:

  • Open Shazam app
  • Go to My Shazam
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Pop Up Shazam
  • Enable it

Using the app requires the internet connection though. Without the internet connection, the app puts your song in the queue and gives back the result says to give back the results when you’re online.



You can find many forums form where you can get the identify the song. The Quora can be great in terms of that purpose. There are other facebook groups from which you can gain knowledge about that particular song as well. Many Facebook groups even let you share the video for more info.

So, here are different tips you can use to identify songs in youtube videos. Besides these, there might be other tips to Identify song online. Feel free to share the unmentioned tips by commenting.

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