Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music Anywhere

Want to know how to listen to music from unblocked music sites anywhere including school?

Everyone wants to listen to music whether it is at school, home, college, or while just waiting for a bus at a bus stand. But, the problem is, many music sites are blocked at these places.

If you’re facing the problems regarding blocked music sites, don’t worry I’ve got not 1 but 7 solutions for you.

In this article, we’ll look into the music sites which are basically free so that you can enjoy your favorite music online anywhere you want.

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Unblocked Music Sites For Listening Music Anywhere

  1. Google Play Music
  2. Hungama Music
  3. LiveXLive
  4. Jamendo
  5. Grooveshark
  6. AccuRadio
  7. Bluebeat

Let’s dive further into these music sites in detail.

#1 Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the best music sites where the music is free to listen to. However, there’s a catch in it. You have to also face ads during the use of this site. These ads could be blocked by the use of ad blockers. 

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

But, nevertheless, this music site, Google Play Music is unblocked and you can enjoy it for free. 

Sadly, there’s rumor that it will meet the list of dead products of Google by the end of 2020. So, you should get ready for this and get as much value as you can while it’s here.

Link to: Google Play Music

#2 Hungama Music

Another free music site is Hungama music. This app is unblocked and you can play different songs of your choice on it. A wide variety of music genres are available so you won’t have to worry about your unique type of music.

Hungama Music
Hungama Music

Also, download app to easy access.

How To Get Free Hungama Music App Subscription?

  1. Download Hungama App
  2. Register Now
  3. Enter Your Mobile Number
  4. Now Enter OTP
  5. That’s It !

Link to: Hungama Music

#3 LiveXLive (Also known as Slacker)

LiveXLive is an online radio station where you can find more than 200 channels. You can listen to music according to your mood and choice for free without even creating an account.


However, after creating an account, you can get some extra features like subscribing to your favorite channels, creating your channel, etc.

You can also listen to the latest news and sports content for free.

Link to: LiveXLive

#4 Jamendo

Jamendo is another popular unblocked music site from which you can listen to music for free.


You can also access the latest and old hit songs for free on Jamendo website. This website helps you get free music download unblocked. A huge collection of music and songs (220,000+ royalty free music tracks) can be accessed on this website absolutely free.

It is easy to use too. No requirement of registering an account. Just visit the free music site, hit start and groove with it.

Link to: Jamendo

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#5 Groovesharks

Groovesharks is one of the best unblocked music platforms used in schools, colleges and workplaces. The best part of this is it allows you the free access to your very own personalized music albums.


You can play the music of your choice of singer, artist or albums and also create your own playlist easily. It also provides radio facilities where you can listen to your favorite channels.

You have to simply create a Grooveshark account and then start assessing unlimited music.

To start grooving: Groovesharks

#6 AccuRadio

AccuRadio offers free internet Radio with a lot of stations available in it. You are free to choose any Radio channel from the available list of hundreds of stations and start listening to music.

We know that many of us prefer listening to radio stations because that way it is more classic to hear songs and gather information too.


They also provide us with many other options like Classical, Blues, Chill, Hip-Hop, and much more. Additionally, different website skins are available. So from now on, whenever you are bored with their usual layout, change the skin, and enjoy a different UI.

Visit Accuradio site and start listening directly to your favorite genres of music. No need to create an account which is one of the best things about accuradio.

Link to: Accuradio

#7 Bluebeat

Another unblocked music site is from Bluebeat. It is free and you can easily start listening to the songs right off the bat. There’s no need to create an account or register your name to listen to music.


You can easily get the section of trending now so that you can know which song is trending. This makes it easy for you to stay and groove to the trending music. However, this might not work for many countries. But, as we know, music comes from the heart.

Visit to: Bluebeat

Besides, these top 7 unblocked music sites from where you can listen to your jam or music, there are other sites that are worth mentioning. Other free music sites such as Playlistsound, Songarea, Soundzabound, Tune-in, and Saavn. These are not listed in this article but you can definitely try them out too.

Let us know how you think about these music sites that are free.

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Now, further diving into the article, I’m going to share some tips too that will help you to visit and listen to music from the sites that are blocked. The steps could be hectic and long but if you really want to groove to the music then, let’s look it out.

FAQs about the unblocked music sites

  1.  How can I listen to music offline?

For listening to music offline, you need to download music to the best music applications, such as Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc. Then you can listen to these downloaded music tracks when you don’t have an internet connection.

  1.  How to unblock a site?
  • Use VPNs for unblocking
  • Use proxy websites
  • Change network proxy in browsers
  • Replace your DNS server
  • Change URL
  1. How do I unblock a site on Chrome?
  • Unblock a website from Google Chrome Settings
  • Use a VPN to unblock sites
  • Use Google Chrome extensions to unblock site
 Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music Anywhere
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