How to Batch Download Pinterest Images in PC


How to download Images from Pinterest? Many of the users are asking this question online. Pinterest has become one of the massive Social Network in the world. Pinterest is the platform of millions of users and billions of images. Thus, it has become massively popular for ideas and inspirations. Pinterest provides features of Boards and Pins, where Boards are collections of pins.

Pins are usually images which contain title, description and source link. Therefore, Pinterest can be considered as a Social Bookmarking site for keeping a collection of different topics (as a pin) relevant to users. Pinterest has also became a marketplace where users can buy products.


Boards are collections of pins which might contain hundred of thousands of pins. Downloading a single image file is pretty much easy since Pinterest natively provides a save button. But the problem arises when you have to batch download pinterest images.

In such situations, the native save button is not favorable and inefficient. Saving images from Pinterest one by one is too boring and time-consuming tasks. So, to download images from Pinterest, I have found the best and easiest way. The steps are long and little difficult but it’s worth the effort and time.

Here are some applications you’ll need to download images from Pinterest. You can download them clicking the link.

  1. Google Chrome (Link)
  2. Internet Download Manager (Link)
  3. ChromeCacheView (Link)

Download all the above applications in your PC and follow the instructions mentioned below:

Steps to Download Pinterest Images in Batch

Setup ChromeCacheView and Google Chrome

At first, you need to extract the ChromeCacheView zip file into your PC. It is an application which allows you to see the cache of Google Chrome browser. This is an important application because there is no other way to access Google Chrome cache contents. After that, you need to install Google Chrome into your PC.

Log In Into Pinterest and Clearing Cache 

After Installing Google Chrome, log in into your Pinterest account. After logging in, Goto Chrome History Settings clicking the “three dots” on the top right corner and click on History. You can go to History settings directly by pressing Ctrl + H or typing Chrome://History on the search bar. You’ll see something like this.

Then Click on “Clear browsing data” on the left sidebar and then you’ll see something like this.

 A prompt will appear as above in the image where you have to choose the time range, types of the data to clear. Here you have to choose the time range “All time”, data “ Cached Images and files” and click on clear data which will clear all your previous cache files. 

Open the Board on Pinterest or collections of Pins

In this step, you need to go to the Board from where you need to download the images on Pinterest. Boards contain the pins. There may be thousands of pins in a single board. So here all you need to do is open the board from which you need to download the images and scroll down until the end of the board. The idea here is to load all the images from that board which will be stored in the cache of Google Chrome. So, you need to scroll down and let all the images to properly load. After that, you can continue to the next step in downloading the pinterest images in batch.

Copy URLs from ChromeCacheView and edit the URLs

In this step, what you need to do is open ChromeCacheView, where you’ll find tons of URLs. You’ll need to copy all those URLs and paste those URLs into notepad or any other text editor files.

You’ll find URLs similar like these:

After pasting the URLs into the text editor, what you need to do is change the sizes of the image in the URLs. The URLs are generally in scaled form, which means the size of the image and quality are low than original files. To download the original size of the images from Pinterest, you’ll have to modify the URLs, so that the URLs point to original Image. We can change the URLs like this:

There are many types of sizes of images, so you can repeat the same process for other images as well. After that, save the URLs into a txt form.

Install Internet Download Manager and Import the URLs

Now in this step, you need to install and set up Internet Download Manager. Internet Download Manager provides a feature to import URLs from a text file. This is how you can batch import tons of URLs into Internet Download Manager.

For this, open Internet Download Manager, Click on Tasks -> Import -> From a text file. Then select the text file containing the URLs and click open. Then a window will open and it will check all the URLs, its types, size, etc. You’ll have to wait for some time until it processes all the URLs.

Now mark all the images files from the list, check selected files and then click on OK. The Images URLs will be queued in the Downloads list like this:

Then You can start the download by clicking on the Start Queue which will automatically download all images in the Queue section.

You can then find all the downloaded images from Pinterest on the downloads folder. This is how to batch download images from Pinterest.

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